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Up Social Network membership is FREE! Gain the benefits of engaging and entertaining business networking, all while creating content to be used to promote your business.

We meet virtually, and in person. Unlike most business networking groups, you aren’t required to generate a certain amount of leads, have a certain level of attendance, or make a monthly financial commitment.

We believe business networking should not be a burden to the company, but an opportunity instead. This networking group uses media, streaming, advertising, to create opportunities for businesses to grow.

Each meeting is live streamed on our Facebook page. During the meeting you’ll be interviewed and get the opportunity to share your business, explain what you offer, and provide your contact information. The video will be;

  • Broadcast Live On Facebook
  • Shared On YouTube
  • Featured On Up Social Network website
  • Included In Email Blast

As a member, you gain the promotional benefits and access to Step Up Radio, Bio Bootcamp, Step Up Magazine, and out Next Up speaking series.

Did we mention all of this is FREE! We do need your participation…like, follow, subscribe…all of that goodness.

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